Father’s Day


June 15, 2012 by parentinginindia

Sourav, my best friend and biggest critic wanted to be the center of the new post am currently typing so I decided to write a post on – “Father’s role in a child’s life”. Luckily its also Father’s Day on the 17th of June so just in time to write something about a father.

 In today life it’s mandatory that both partners earn to support themselves and dependants. In such a situation when a child comes in, apart from a mother’s requirement to nourish the child the father too needs to take part in various activities that the child goes in the initial years. Father’s are no longer just the breadwinner and provider of the basic necessities of life, they play a pivotal role in a child’s mental and psychologicaldevelopment as well.
Some activities that Sourav involves himself in parenting Dhruv

1.     He bathes Dhruv every Sunday, he makes Sunday bathing fun by giving bubble baths, shampooing and constantly telling Dhruv that its so much fun bathing on Sundays. This builds up the bond of affection.

2.     Most of the evening when I return home Dhruv is in action with his plastic football and dad motivating him to kick harder and follow the ball thus helping him develop motor skill and ability. This strengthens a father-child association.

3.     Many a times Dhruv find it more fun playing around me when am trying to feed him, timely words of discipline from Sourav makes him sit down and eat his food quietly. In this way a child learns to respect and sees his father as his role model. A father should never take recourse to needless resentment or hostility as this may instill a sense of fear in the child’s mind.

A father is a role model, the strongest pillar which will never break. A mother does know everything about her child but a father is the friend, guide, role model and much more to a child. It is true that a child find it more fun to be with a father than with a mother.


4 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. sourav de says:

    Thnx payel!!just a few words…get involved with your child and teach him how to live life…it helps the child trusting you..this trust gonna make ur life easier when the child grows up and life becomes complicated!! And moreover its fun…more fun than eating out, watching movies!!

  2. Ayantika says:

    excellent post prior to Father's day ! And, being a papa's girl…I completely agree that…a child find it more fun to be with a father than with a mother.:-)

  3. Tirth says:

    Nice read… keep them coming.

  4. Payel says:

    Thanks tirtha! hope this post has been helpful for you now that you are a proud father of a beautiful angel… 🙂

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