Whats more important – fat or fit?

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August 29, 2012 by parentinginindia

A post after a long time, well I was stuck in numerous personal issues. Now that the storms have reduced I have crept back again with a blog post. This post is loosely my previous post of fussy eating, weight gain and body fat.Dhruv was born 2.65kgs and from that very day till date i have constantly heard ppl tell me that he is too thin. Like any other toddler he is fussy with food but loves maggie, chips, ice-cream, buttery corn, baked sausage. He loves any kind of physical activity and drawing(Yes, he holds a pencil perfectly and can scribble on paper). The fact that no one used to consider these points; rather focus more on he being “THIN”.

Whats more important – fat or fit?
I would say fit, a thin child is not necessarily an unhealthy child. Yes, fat provide a good source of calories, they should not be dependant upon to increase weight. Its best to inculcate healthy eating habits by introducing variety of healthy food like almonds in his cereal, mashed baked potatoes and boiled corn, just plain and simple buttered baked corn, tangy upma etc

Its also important to keep in mind that at a certain period a toddler may not seem to be growing as rapidly as expected. This does not mean that the toddler is not growing well.For as long as the toddler is disease-free and able to exhibit intellectual, emotional and psychological advantages, you can be worry-free.

Is fast food recommended for toddlers?
Most of the fast food contain trans-fatty acids or trans fats which are a result of the hydrogenation process, which transforms vegetable oils into margarine.The trans fatty acids may also interfere with the ability of the
cells of the body to metabolize good fats, thus may be damaging to the structures of the brain.

Some fast food fares like side salads, shakes, and mango/apple pies can be good sources of micronutrients. For as long as they are taken in moderation or are not abused, or provided in amounts that will not be detrimental to the proper intake of the other nutritious foods, they can be allowed.

However, foods and drinks which are high in sugar should be totally avoided. These type of foods can be addictive and habit-forming.

What are fit-to-eat food?
Meals should also feature a good selection of foods that supply the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, not to mention water. Water is essential for bringing nutrients to all the cells
in the body. Without proper nourishment, cells cannot carry out their functions well. Water also helps the body get rid of toxins and wastes. Of particular importance for a FIT and healthy body are those nutrients
like protein and a group of nutrients known as “antioxidants”. They play an essential role in promoting strong immunity in growing children when their immune system is more prone to infections and diseases.

Protein helps to build immune cells and antioxidants protect the body’s cells (including the immune cells) from damage by free radicals. Immune cells, which are damaged by free radicals, can no longer function
effectively, lessening children’s overall resistance to infections and making for a longer recovery from illness.


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