Interesting things you can do together with your toddler

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August 31, 2012 by parentinginindia

There can come times when you are clueless about what exactly to do with your toddlers. I have encountered this a numerous times when i have a lot of spare time with Dhruv; here are some small things which I have don’t it with him and surprisingly have seen huge brain development in him.

1. Dhruv loves to scribble; he learnt to hold a pencil even before he was 2 years old(Well, I am a web Designer by profession and his maternal grandfather was a DGM in the design and research team in HAL; so you see its in his genes too!!! :)). The day I say him holding the pen quite well i bought color pencils and started off by drawing stars, lizards, bugs etc. He simply loved it. today he is two years two months old, you just draw a lizard and hand him the pencil and ask him to draw the eyes he will perfectly place two dots on either sides!!!

2. Suprise him by taking him out on the weekdays in the evening! Weekend outings are a normal trend, something which now a days every working parent does with their kids, but a surprise weekday evening visit even to a local market is a huge hit! I just took Dhruv to a local roll shop last evening and he was terribly over-whelmed and excited with the entire process  of egg roll making! Yes he did want a couple of bites from it which i offered it to him(once in a blue moon street food is 100% fine).

3.Travel…take him out for an occasional break its refreshing for both of you.

4.Reading and story-telling; this is something which Sourav specializes(he is damn good in explaining things interestingly). A few days back i casually took out a colorful encyclopedia and place it in front of Dhruv and opened up the space section where there were planets and sun. Dhruv as usual started off with his usual question series of – “Eita ki?”(What is this?). I kept telling him the names of the planet; this is when Sourav stepped him and creatively explained the “Big bang Theory” to him. And to this date every time he sees sun or hears of the sun his first reaction to it is relating the big bang theory

5. THis is someting which we havnt tried it yet but we are planning to during the Durga puja holidays – start off a hobby which both you and you kid will enjoy. building and maintaining an auqarium will be a huge stress busted for you and enjoyable affair for the kid even.


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